I| I have been watching the television show Flowers lately and it is soooo good. I think I am probably bias because I love Julian Barratt and Olivia Coleman, but it is still very enjoyable. I have been bulk watching it on 4OD. Have you ever watched 40D? Gosh, there are a lot of advertisements. I have been forced to watch the VO5 one so many times I want to punch the model in the face. Her and her stupid hairspray. Argh. Not that it is possible to punch a bottle of hairspray in the face. Anyway, back to Flowers, I am also mighty outraged that there is a character that I could have played in their on-screen, twenty-five year old daughter Amy. Gosh, I'd love to be a professional actress.

II| I have recently become obsessed with Avon (I know, I've become a middle-aged housewife at twenty-eight years old?). Large chunks of my paychecks at the moment are being spent on random things I don't need. Someone who spends most of their time picking poo out of paddocks and litter trays doesn't really need to be wearing an Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in Cherry Picked or an Emerald Glimmerstick. Still, that hasn't stopped me from pouring over the latest brochure and contemplating buying concealer and eyeliner I shall never wear. Gosh, I even had to quickly look in the Avon catalogue then to see if eyeliner was one word or two. Why am I doing this?

III| I have this week coming up off of work. How exciting. I am going to try and be as productive as possible as I did absolutely nothing of value with my last one. I have a riding lesson on Tuesday, and I am visiting Badminton Horse Trials on Wednesday, but the rest of the week is an empty page. I will most likely gatecrash my parents house in the country and size up the local fields for some wishful-thinking regarding Pie and Mini Pie. I've been doing so much wishful-thinking recently that my heart actually hurts.


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