Twenty-Sixteen was a big year. I started off January by visiting the theatre on New Years Day, I bought a new car after a three year driving hiatus, and ended the month with a mini break to Newquay. I began to ride regularly again, and in March I met the beautiful mare who would become my first ever horse. I attended Badminton Horse Trials for the first time- an amazing day that was overshadowed by the tragic death of my beloved cat in the days that followed. I lost that gorgeous boy to kidney failure, and even now my heart breaks when I think about him. In June I got a horse, something I never could have predicted at the beginning of the year, and what's crazier is that it was a mare and foal. The rest of the year was a crash course in equestrianism. Twenty-Seventeen has some big boots to fill.

I love New Year more than Christmas. There is just so much hope and belief on New Year’s Eve. I absolutely love the feeling of waking up on New Year’s Day full of ambition and drive. However, previous years have almost made me afraid of making resolutions, as it pretty much guarantees that whatever I decided on won't get done. Recent years have started to deviate from that pattern though, so I am willing to step forward with this years resolutions, which, in theory, are quite simple-

Get out of debt.
Get Cree back into regular work.

This year I took out a credit card, and very quickly I had to take out even more credit cards to cushion the debt I'd rang up on the first one. I have nobody to blame but myself, and I really want to get back on track financially in 2017. When I look at the credit I could have, I would never have to worry financially. Unfortunately the stupid side of me maxed it all out, and I'm living payday loan to payday loan. This is something I really want to change this year.

The second resolution is self-explanatory to anyone who has read previous posts, but the analytic feature on Blogger indicates that nobody has, so I shall explain. Cree had a foal this year. As a direct result she hasn't been ridden in eight months, sans a ten minute ride that was punctuated by some bucking and ejector seating. I am moving to a new yard soon, which comes complete with two schools, so hopefully this resolution can come into being pretty fast. But we all know how impossible resolutions are to actually fulfil, so I won't get my hopes up.

Happy 2017!

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